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Media-Tech Poland Ltd., a company specializing in producing computer accessories and peripherals, was established in 1993 with a view to selling its range to the local market. Today, the organization's reach has extended internationally: it is Central Europe's biggest importer and producer of goods in its business line. Media-Tech's products are available in Europe, Asia and South America . The company's longstanding activity has led Media-Tech to become the only company in the market to offer such a wide and diverse range of high quality computer accessories in which most advanced technological solutions are employed.

The goal of the company is to provide solutions of proven efficiency. For this reason, the company sells all products under its own brand name, which stands today for guaranteed quality and functionality coupled with fair prices.

Products of Media-Tech Poland have frequently won prestigious local and foreign awards, coming first in rankings made by renowned branch institutions and publishers.

The company's head office with its warehouses and a modern distribution centre is seated in Brzeziny near Warsaw . Media-Tech also has two strategic offices in Taiwan and China , both of which perform a key role in the company's activity. The Taiwan branch is aimed for improving co-operation with suppliers of state-of-the-art technologies, chips and firmware, while the office in China , where most of our products are manufactured, is focused on quality control.
Media-Tech sells accessories to individual customers, enterprises and institutions from different segments of various markets. The quality of our co-operation is determined by the supply of products that meet expectations of our Customers. This is achieved through the integration of aspects mentioned above and the use of a central management system. Our presence in developed markets of the world as well as the multitude and variety of conducted projects result in high awareness of our brand.


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